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Quokka rescuers gather in Arcadia for their annual picnic (Oct 2)
Arcadia forest: Your heritage at risk
Arcadia Eco-Walk (Oct 2)
Quokka rescuers mingling with Quokka Man

Quokka rescuers take their message to the Premier Collie MLA Mick Murray faces quokka supporters at Parliament House

Quokka in Parliament
24 March 2011

Media release

Adele Carles MLA - Grievance speech

MLA Adele Carles and daughter Chloe

International Year of the Forest
Yellow Ribbon Day

Ms Carles was given the honour of being the first WA politician to tie a yellow ribbon round a jarrah tree in a symbolic gesture to stop logging in rare fauna habitat. Her action was then followed by locals.

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Before logging

After logging

30-Tonne logging machines can (in a day) do the job of 4 chainsaw wielding loggers

Logging machines crush every forest living organism

Foreign owned Simcoa, still trucking in the old growth jarrah forest ecosystem to burn for charcoal.

King jarrah tree in Arcadia forest
Quokka rescuers on the campaign trail